Ada Accessibility

Ada Accessibility

About the property:
The lobby is not wheelchair accessible, but check-in can be completed without accessing the lobby

The beach and garden areas are not wheelchair accessible

There is one designated handicapped parking spot

There is a wheelchair ramp placed from the handicapped parking spot to the entrance of the Ocean View Suite

About the room:
The Ocean View Suite is the only designated ADA room (subject to availability). The room has the following features:

35in wide entrance doorway (33.5in from the door jam)

36in distance from the wall to the bedside in bedroom 1

18 in distance from the window to the bedside in bedroom 1

30in high dining table

36in high kitchen countertops

60in kitchen turnaround space

Mobility accessible bathroom with:

Roll-in shower with hand rail 36in from floor

Bathroom sink vanity with 32in knee space

21in high toilet

41in bathroom clearance

No braille available

No light or sound emergency signs

The interior of the room has not been modified to meet specific ADA requirements