Key Largo Local Attractions

Key Largo Local Attractions

A Fresh Take On Florida Key’s Cuisine

December 04, 2017

Calling all foodies! While staying at The Drift Hotel, treat yourself to mouth-watering local dishes that will make you feel heavenly. Key Largo is a epicurean paradise--check out our roundup of the top three quintessential can’t miss meals.

Key West Pink Shrimp

Yummy, juicy, and you guessed it, pink! These wild-caught sweet shrimp are served ocean-to-table and perfectly seasoned for a night of peeling and eating. Get into the laid-back spirit and tie on a bib. No trip to the Florida Keys is complete without a taste of these succulent shellfish.

Florida Spiny Lobster

We are giving Maine a run for it’s money with our local and succulent lobster. Recognizable by it’s spiny exterior, the interior is safely protected and ready to be dipped, sautéed, and cracked right open.

Key Lime Pie

A good enough reason to travel down south. Others may try, but you can only have true Key Lime Pie in the Keys. End any meal with this sublimely balanced tart and savory dessert for a meal to remember.

Say bye-bye to the warm hearty stews of winter and hello to the sunshine. The vacation of your future awaits you.

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