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The Key Largo Original Music Festival

Every May, locals and visitors look forward to one of the most exciting musical experiences in Key Largo. The Key Largo Original Music Festival features singer-songwriters from across the country and takes place from May 16th to May 19th.  From drinking beers under the swaying palms to seeing incredible musical acts, it’s a favorite for many reasons. Musicians from a variety of genres will take to the stage performing pop, rock, blues, jazz, and country. The 2019 festival features five bayfront stages located at a variety of eateries and venues such as Sundowners, Señor Frijoles, Snook’s Bayside, Cactus Jack’s, and Caribbean Club. Admission is complimentary, and the performances carry deep into the evenings. Imagine listening to incredible live music with the stars overhead. Experience this elite collection of musicians surrounded by the beauty of Key Largo. Make the Drift Hotel your home base during the fun festivities.

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