Key Largo Local Attractions

Key Largo Local Attractions

Key Tips for Relaxing on the Beach Like a True Floridian

November 06, 2017

Escape the winter blues with a much needed trip to Key Largo, Florida. The Drift Hotel has the secret recipe for peace and relaxation. Follow these key tips and we’ll have you melting into oblivion in no time.

Listen to the Ocean

The ocean knows and that’s why it’s important to listen. The sound of the ocean has the ability to activate your parasympathetic nervous system, which quite literally relaxes the body. Extra brownie points if you are able to squeeze in ten minutes of meditation while sprawling beachside, lounge chair below.

Disconnect to Reconnect

Tuck your smart phone away and connect with nature and the people around you. Nothing says vacation like focusing on the moment and truly enjoying yourself with others.

Feel the Sand Under Your Toes

Go for a walk along the shore, letting the ocean nip at your feet. Tap into your unbridled inner child as you collect shells, contemplate seaweed, and breath that fresh ocean air.

Your dream vacation is just a reservation away. Come stay with us and leave your worries at the door!

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