Key Largo Local Attractions

Key Largo Local Attractions

Shelling in Key Largo

August 06, 2018

Don’t let your worries be the only thing swept away by the relaxing lull of the waves breaking along the shore. Beach days are meant for peace and relaxation, so let your heart soar with creativity from morning till night. Venture out for a day of shelling along the alluring white-sand banks of the Atlantic Ocean while collecting American and long-spined stars-shells, West Indian top shells, and if you are lucky, the perfectly formed milk conchs. Magical pieces of blue and green sea glass can also be found glowing in the sunshine. Connect with nature while witnessing the colorful bounty of gifts provided by the sea. Bring a small basket or eco-friendly bag to gather your goodies. They make the perfect forget-me-nots or thoughtful gifts for friends and family back home.

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